Om Sai Ram

Following request of the National SSIO, Global Akhanda Bhajan (GAB) was initiated at two sites in 2017 bringing the activity closer to devotees in order to encourage more participation and allowing more singing time to our Bhajan Singers.

This year the initiative was repeated at the request of devotees. The Sai Centres of Curepipe and Vacoas were identified as host sites and six Sai Centres/Groups were allocated to each. A Working Committee was set up at each site which oversaw all requirements and preparations and ensured the smooth-running of the activity.

On Saturday 10 November 2018, devotees started with Rudram Chanting at 17.00hrs followed by other Chants from the Vedas. At 18.00hrs, the Akhanda Jyoti was lighted and the Regional Team comprising of all Sai Centres/Groups started the first-hour session with Ganesha bhajans. Thereafter, each Sai Centre/Group took turns of 1 to 1.5 hours until 14.00hrs on Sunday 11 November 2018 with bhajans on different deities and in languages. It included a one-hour bhajan session where active members swapped between the two Sites to emphasize the unity of the Region. From 14.00hrs onwards, sessions followed with the Ladies, SSE and Regional Team and culminated with the Youth wing . The last bhajan was sung by Swami and was followed by the Message of the day. The session came to an end with the concluding prayers. Bhajan Coordinators and Singers spared no effort to ensure bhajans were not duplicated and provided opportunities for mass participation through soul-stirring bhajans.

Rudram Chanting started with some 50 devotees at Curepipe and 40 at Vacoas but attendance steadily grew up until 22.00hrs. It faded after midnight but remained steady during the day. As usual, attendance was the highest by the end with some 350 devotees at Curepipe and 200 at Vacoas.

It is hoped that Blessings showered by Swami in the early morning of Sunday 11 November 2018 coupled with the positive vibrations emanated by the bhajans will help us to get closer to Him. Starting from this year where more emphasis was put on food for the mind rather than for the body, the Region hopes to elevate forthcoming GAB into spiritually-charged atmosphere for world peace and harmony.

Jai Sai Ram