The Sai Orchard Project launched


If ‘Green’ stands for freshness, hope and nature, the nature is close to be fresh from human exploitation and Mother Earth will be hopefully healed. Taking cue from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on preserving Nature, the SSIOM proceeded with the launching ceremony of the Sai Orchard Project at Goodlands was held on Tuesday, 30th October 2018 in the immediate Divine Omnipresence of Bhagawan. It was attended by the learned scholar, Professor Vedanarayan Kollengode and brother Rajendranath Sham, President of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (Mauritius) as well as a sizeable number of devotees.

Invoking Bhagawan’s Divine blessings, the gathering was ready for the official launch which commenced at 17:45 hours with opening prayers and chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. Professor Vedanarayanan respectfully poured vibhuti in the planting hole reminiscing us that Swami has always poured vibhuti whenever He planted trees in order to sanctify the process. Professor then held the Banyan tree that earned the mystic touch of the Supreme Lord with its aerial roots, boughs and little branches, standing majestically. Our eminent guest proceeded to the planting of the sapling.
On the special occasion, Professor shared the spiritual significance of the banyan tree, stating that the tree has a peculiar sanctity of its own. He reminded everyone that Man has a duty towards our ancestors, all living beings of the Universe and Mother Earth. Praying that the Sai Orchard achieves full success with the grace and blessings of our Master, he wished that the tree of wisdom bestows cooling shade to all sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) visiting the place seeking some specially favourable spots in their practical journey . This indeed reminded all devotees present of the Meditation tree in Prashanti Nilayam!

The Sai Orchard is a community-based project undertaken by Sathya Sai young adults and graduates of the Sathya Sai International Leadership Programme (SSILP) 2017-2018 of Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart. This project consist of planting of flowers, fruits, vegetables and trees, thereby contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.
In the short and medium term, vegetables (pumpkins, lady fingers) and flower (marigold) will be planted. For the long term objectives, coconuts, pawpaws, litchis and Bananas will be planted. The Sai orchard will also provide trees in the form of saplings to create artificial forests. The Orchard will create a positive environment for our Balvikas students for they will be able to learn from nature. The success of the project is based purely on the voluntary contribution and commitment of the devotees. A roster-plan will be established so that each Sathya Sai Centre/ Sathya Sai Group of the region takes care of the orchard on a regular basis.

This project is a humble offering in preparation of the auspicious occasion of our Beloved Sathya Sai Baba's 95th Year of Advent in 2020.