Beach Clean-up by young adults of Region 7


Heralding the absolute need of the hour to protect Mother Earth in letter and spirit, young adults of Regional Coordinating Committees of Pamplemousses & Riviere-du-Rempart under the aegis of the Sathya Sai International Organisation Mauritius conducted a coastal cleanup on Sunday, 02nd December 2018 at P.G Melville public beach at Grand Gaube. The objective of this event sits well with the philosophies of community selfless service and a responsibility for our environment based on gratitude for all the benefits nature and society bestows on us.

The activity, attended by over 40 enthusiastic devotees consisting of SSE students, young adults and elders which commenced at 8.30 a.m., effectively harnessed the power of the team to fight ocean trash. More than 25 bags full of rubbish including plastic bottles and wastes, junk from bays and marine debris have been cleared up along the foreshore and the bays.

The programme culminated with a few vibrant, scintillating and soul stirring bhajans on the beach shore, serenading the Omnipresent Lord, followed by a vote of thanks and the distribution of refreshments at noon.

While it was encouraging to see the impact of the three hours of cleaning, the outcome taken home by devotee was quite a process of inner transformation. Volunteers promised to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, making mindful choices day to day and inspire others to do so as well.