Prof. Vedanarayanan’s ultimate encounter: an effusion of emotions


An effusion of emotions during Professor Vedanarayanan’s ultimate encounter with the local Sai Community

Professor Vedanarayanan’s last tryst with the mauritian Sai Family turned out to be an intensely emotional outpouring.
The 5 day-journey of Prof Vedanarayanan’s 5 culminated with a grand finale at the Sathya Sai Centre of Curepipe, Wooton on Wednesday with about 500 devotees in attendance. The event started at 7pm with customary Veda procession, chanting of MedhaSuktam, Narayana Suktam and soulful bhajans led by the Young Adults. Prof.Vedanarayanan was heartily welcomed by Brother Dhanra jRamdin, ex-National Chairman and current member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust of Mauritius who had the task of introducing him to the audience
Our esteemed guest started off his discourse by reminding one and all that God is our only true friend. The beautiful analogy of milk and water was used to elucidate and further consolidate the idea of true friendship. Prof.Vedanarayanan also emphasised on the fact that unless Swami wills it, no one can dream of Him. Swami appears in devotees’ dreams when He wills it and whenever He has a message to convey. Our Vedic scholar elicited further his point and gave examples of Swami’s limitless and selfless love for His devotees. Our beloved Swami does not interfere with anybody’s karma but instead, He takes it upon Himself for the sake of His devotees. A personal anecdote from Professor Vedanarayanan explaining how Swami gave him a new lease of life left many devotees speechless and teary eyed!
The questions and answers session was equally enlightening with our Chief Guest addressing issues related to Youth and SSE kids. Prof.Vedanarayanan highlighted that our company is of utmost importance and that Young Adults’ energy must be properly channelled. Similarly, good moral stories and values must be inculcated in the tender minds of SSE kids. The WATCH story also further consolidated devotees’ understanding of the importance to pay attention to our Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart. Professor Vedanarayanan equally stressed on the importance of doing ‘Maansik Pooja’ and on the need of preserving the values given by Swami. It was indeed an enriching session and devotees were in for a surprise when Professor Vedanarayanan sang to ‘Subramaniam Subramaniam’, reminding us all of our Beloved Bhagawan singing this particular bhajan in Sai Kulwant Hall!
This spiritually uplifting journey ended with all devotees expressing their appreciation through a standing ovation and a thundering applause to Prof.Vedanarayanan. For many, our illustrious guest’s visit to Mauritius has been exalting and has opened new vistas for the Sai Community here we indeed feel abundantly blessed by our Beloved Swami! Thank you Lord !!!