National Youth Sadhana Workshop


It was an inspirational sight in itself to see Group 4 SSE children and Youths aged from 16 to 35 years from all corners of the island gather together to learn from each other and take Swami’s Message forward into the wider world. In the National Youth Workshop two topics were covered the World Youth Sadhana Program that was given to the youths by Swami in the World Youth Conference 2007 and the second part was on “The compatibility of Sai Activities/Principles with Studies/ Employment”.

The day, 15 December 2013 for the National Sadhana Workshop began with Rudram Chanting and Bhajan. Sister Madvi, our Master of ceremony then gave us a glimpse of what was to be in store in the workshop This was followed by a welcome address by our National Youth Coordinator, Bussawon Sawrejay where he reminded the youths of the roles that we have in the organization and our responsibility as Sai youths. Swami says, “The youth wing can be compared to the energy body of the Sai Organisation. The prosperity and well being of the world depends on the conduct of the youth”. He also explained on the aim of this workshop which is to uplift ourselves and remind us of our role as Sai Youth in the Sai Organization.

Our National Chairman then addressed the youths and told us that leadership is not to command, but to follow His command. This was particularly relevant to the youths, since Swami has said that He wants His students to be “leaders like lions” and advised the youths to advert to their dharma as youths.

Our keynote speaker, Sister Jaya Koonjul, began the first part of the workshop on the Sadhana Program whereby she gave an overview of the components of the Sadhana Program and its importance to the Sai youths which is to realize that we are the soul. She also reminded the youths what Swami says about the youths, “The youth of today are the leaders of the future. If the future is to be prosperous, the modern youth should perform their duties with firm faith in God...” She explained to the youths that in order to be the leaders of tomorrows we need to change and to do so, we need to follow the Sadhana program.

Sister Jaya Koonjul was such an inspiring speaker. She really was able to relay Swami’s message to the youth through her speeches in a perfect manner engaging the audience with her style. Through the various stories and her experiences with Swami, she was able to draw the audience with such amazing charisma. The key message from her speech has been imprinted in our hearts about how to be an ideal Sai youth. After the overview on the Nine Spiritual Disciplines, all the youths were divided into groups where they were engaged in a group discussion on the Sadhana Program. Each one in each group had the opportunity to share his experiences about the benefit he have derived in the practice of the spiritual discipline and also share the difficulties that he encountered while following it and find solution to those difficulties.

After the group discussion each group had the opportunity to present a report about their discussions. Many of them explained about the bliss and self transformation that they gained while practising some parts of the Sadhana Program. They also mentioned about the time management and peer- pressure as the main difficulties in adopting a spiritual life style. However at the end each group came with the solution of proper planning and to be always in good company. At the end of the group presentation Sister Jaya made a summary on the presentations and advised the youths again to have a proper planning every day and to apply the ABC in life, that is Always be Careful.
2nd Part of the Workshop

Spirituality is beautifully complex, yet so subtly simple. It's like a cloud that appears to be distant and fluffy and only attainable when flying in the skies, yet when one attempts to grasp and cradle it a thousand miles away, there is nothing tangible to hold. In reality spirituality is not in the skies, it's only our vision and thoughts that are clouded. Undoubtedly, Swami’s wants His youths to be a person of character. The Second part of the workshop dealt with the compatibility of Sai Activities/Principles with Studies/ Employment. Sister Jaya gave a beautiful presentation to the youths on how to balance our life with the Sai Activities. She reminded the youths about our Dharma as a student, worker and also advised the youths to have a disciplined life and to be like the lamp that shines. She explained to the youths how to make maximum from our time.
As our National Youth Coordinator brother Bussawon told us at the beginning of the workshop that there are two parts of the workshop where part one is the working session we had today, while Part two now began when we left the workshop full of motivation and enthusiasm to become His Messengers and the change ourselves. We are the future, but the future begins today. We must not impose limitations on ourselves.


Along with the inspirational talks and thought-provoking workshop there were a variety of musical offerings throughout the Workshop. They ranged from classical Bhajan to various human values songs in the local language. A group of Sai youths presented an uplifting Bhajan medley. The workshop concluded on a bhajan sang by Swami “Hari Bhajana Bina” and Mangala Aarthi.

Jai Sai Ram.
With Love, Bussawon Sawrejay
National Young Adult Represenatative Mauritius