"Gow Seva" or Service to Mother Cow-Carreau Laliane Sai Group


In the context of the 93rd Birthday Anniversary of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, the Carreau Laliane Sai Group organised a “Gow Seva” or service to Mother Cow on Sunday 18 November at Belle-Rive, a small village of Belle Rive found in the central part of the island.
The activity started with some ten Sai devotees from the Carreau Laliane Sai Group gathering in sugarcane fields of Belle-Rive to fetch sugarcane tops as fodder. Equipped with machete and dressed with thick clothing, boots and gloves, with neither the fear of being bruised by the cutting edges of the cane leaves nor by the biting of mosquitoes and other insects and after more than 2 hours of hard labour in the cool yet dry climate of Belle-Rive, the brothers and sisters loaded one full lorry with the sugarcane tops. They then took their way to Shree Shree Radhe Gopal Godham. The Godham (cowshed) in-charge, Prabhu Surya Narayan Das welcomed the devotees and thanked them to be part of those who accepted to serve the holy cow, which is believed to be one of the 5 mothers (Gow Mata or mother cow).
The activity followed with devotees feeding the cows, bulls and calves with their own hands. The devotees described the service activity towards Mother Cow as one that derives the most satisfaction and happiness and this could be seen on their glowing faces.