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Transcript of Talk by Dr Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council in commemoration of the 93rd Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

With love, humility and reverence, I offer my prayerful Pranams at the divine lotus feet of our dearest, loving and omnipresent Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Loving Sairams to all of you.

I wish all of you a happy, holy and glorious birthday celebrations of our Lord Sai. We are the most blessed and fortunate on this planet Earth to be the contemporaries of this Paripoorna Avatar – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In His infinite love and compassion, He has descended on this planet Earth from His attributeless and formless reality so that we can ascend from humanity to divinity. That is His unconditional love for us. On the auspicious day of 23rd November 1926, the birth of our Lord was heralded by wonderful signs – auspicious signs of divine music, and He gave the vision of Lord Vishnu in the reclining position.

From then onwards, Swami has shown wonderful divine leelas and powers. But it was in 1940 that Swami revealed His divinity to the whole of humanity. When He went into the temple of Virupaksha in Hampi, and they saw the idol of Shiva – instead of Lord Shiva they saw Swami in the sanctum sanctorum. So, Swami gave the vision of Vishnu at birth and the vision of Shiva in Virupaksha Temple.

Subsequently, when somebody asked Him who are You? Swami took Jasmine flowers in His hand and threw them on the ground and they formed the Telugu letters: ‘Sai Baba’, which the people had never heard of. And October 20th, 1940 was a historic day when Swami went to His devotee – Mr. Anjaneyulu’s house and sat on a rock in his garden and gave His first message to humanity: “Manasa Bhajore Guru Charanam”, which means hold on to the feet of the Guru and He will take you across the ocean of samsara. Interestingly that is the time when a photograph was taken and in front of Swami was a little rock. But when the photograph was developed, instead of the rock it showed up as Shirdi Sai, showing that Swami was the same as Shirdi Sai Baba.
But Swami is not only Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Sai Baba, He Himself has declared in His divine discourse on May 17th, 1968 in the First World Conference that all names and forms attributed by man to God are manifest in this human form. How fortunate and blessed we are. Swami, who is all names and forms, has come and gave us three great boons: Nama, Roopa and Leela. His beautiful, sweet divine name ‘Sai Baba’, the chanting of which will take us to the ultimate goal of liberation. No other sadhana is needed - just chanting the sweet name. The second boon is seeing His beautiful, enchanting divine form. He is not only the eternal, but He is ever new. The more we see His divine beauty, the more it captures our hearts. Meditation on this beautiful divine form will take us into raptures and make us most happy and joyful. The third greatest boon for us is His leelas - His divine sports. They are wonderful, they are innumerable, and they are awe inspiring and mind boggling. So, just contemplation on this itself will make us live in bliss. And these are all full of wonderful messages because His life is His message.
When Swami has given these wonderful boons to us, what is our way to express gratitude? Swami Himself has shown the way. He said, “Just follow my teachings implicitly, completely and immediately.” Swami has given thousands of divine discourses and written many Vahinis which are full of eternal and universal messages for humanity. But His message can be summarised in one of the beautiful compositions Swami Himself has written, which is called ‘Sathya Dharma Shanthi Premalatho, Mee Nithya Jeevana Yathra Saaginchu’. This is a composition which He Himself has rendered and sang. It is available for people who want to hear it. This is the essence of all scriptures, the essence of Vedanta. I will just highlight the important points in this particular composition, which is very important for all spiritual seekers.

1. Swami said to hold on steadily with absolute faith, to His divine lotus feet and He has promised us that He will take us to the goal and give us liberation itself.

2. The second important commandment in this particular verse is this: to harvest the crop of love, we need to remove the weeds of negative qualities, namely desire, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and pride, so that we can purify our hearts. Swami says, ‘Purity is enlightenment’. Swami made it simple for all spiritual seekers. He said, “Think good, think no evil; see good, see no evil; hear good, hear no evil; speak good, speak no evil; do good, do no evil. This is the way to God.”
3. The third commandment is the most profound and important. This is from the incarnation of Love. Swami says, “Live in love as God is love”. He has also shown the way. He said, “Start the day with love, fill the day with love, spend the day with love, end the day with love. This is the way to God”. Swami is an incarnation of love – He is love walking on two legs. His humanitarian works and everything He did boils down to pure divine love.

How to experience this divine love? What is our duty towards the Lord? Swami Himself one time gave a beautiful message, “Premanu Penchuko Premanu Panchuko”. That means all of us, who have received His wonderful divine love, which is comparable to the love of thousands of mothers, should share it. We cannot even confine it to the love of thousands of mothers – it is an ocean of love. But Swami Himself has said that even the ocean has boundaries, but His love transcends all boundaries. So, our duty is, as Swami has said “Premanu Penchuko Premanu Panchuko.” That means, expand our love and share it with all people – everyone. This is His ultimate message.

I pray to Swami to bless all of us, so that we can live in divine love every moment of our life and share this love with everyone.

Jai Sai Ram.

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