PWC Mauritius Day 1




The programme started with the registration of devotees between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m.



The conference started with opening prayers, followed by the national anthem and devotional singing.


Address by Bro. Ramdin, National Chairman.

The welcome address was delivered by the National Chairman, Brother Ramdin.  He thanked all guests and participants present.


Address by Hon. Nandcoomar Bodha

Hon. Nandcoomar Bodha, Minister of Public Infrastructure & Land Transport read a message on behalf of the Right Honorable Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth.  His speech focused on the spiritual teachings and guidance of Baba, as a Guru.

Hon. N. Bodha then delivered  his address after the PM’s message.  He related his personal experiences with Swami. He mentioned three meetings with Swami, the first two being in Prashanti and the third one today, here, during the conference.  He said he could feel the presence and blessing of Sai among us.

Address by Dr. Narendranath Reddy

Dr Narendranath Reddy related several stories where he received the blissful feelings of being with Swami. Amongst, he shared his personal experience, a miracle as he said, where Baba cured him.  For him it was a blessing because he was supposed to have a gallstone surgery and he was cured without undergoing one.

Address by Bro Allan Reddy

Brother Allan Reddy the central co-ordinator stated how activities of the SSIO is deeply rooted into Love and Service. He highlighted how the SSIO is a platform for transformation. His message is that we should all live as a family and serve all. He stressed on the fact that we have to be very careful on what we think, say and do so as to bring the divine love to the whole community.


Address by Bro Dr Anupam Ganguli

An outline of the SSIO Media Committee was presented by the chairman Dr Anupam Ganguli. Dr Ganguli stressed on the role of the committee that is to inspire and inform all people of the different activities undertaken by the organisation. Different communication media such as Sanathan Sarathi, SSIO website, annual report, SSIO Bulletins and videos are used.

A short video highlighted how the five human values that is truth, right conduct, peace, non-violence and love are implemented throughout different working groups.

All the above media depict how selfless service that is Love in Action caters for those in need.

He also stressed that all devotees over the world may contribute through their respective organisation of services being conducted so as to spread Swami’s love throughout the globe.


Address by Bro Dr Balla Surya

Brother Dr Balla Surya gave an overview of the services provided by the Hospitality Committee. The services provided are comprised of accommodation, registration, seating in the Sai Kulwant Hall, place for daily meetings, programmes and practice sessions, arranging speakers and service opportunities.

The Hospitality Committee is also responsible for all conferences. There is an event co-ordinating committee to manage all international conferences.

Dr Balla Surya was designated by Swami to assist in the provision of medical supplies and medicines to the two super speciality hospitals.

Dr Surya was also responsible to co-ordinate all planning works pertaining to overseas medical help to Haiti, Philippines and Nepal.

He narrated an incident that has shocked him. Once there was need to pay $ 10,000 as customs duty to bring medicines to Haiti. However funds were not available and by the Swami’s grace the duty was exempted by the customs department.

At 12h10, the delegates proceeded for lunch.

Study Circle discussions

After lunch, the plenary session took off. Delegates were divided into 27 groups to deliberate on preselected questions on love in the main hall. A parallel session took place in the Registration Area where the Chairman of The Prasanthi Council, Dr Narendranath Council addressed the youths, followed by their own discussions in 15 groups on the theme of Love.

Personal Experiences

Sister Gayeetree Samboo

Sister Gayeetree Samboo described how she was privileged to have parents who were instrumental in her spiritual development. She experienced Swami through dreams at a tender age.

One of her experiences was when her family went to a World Conference in Prasanthi. Children were not allowed and when they reached the registration desk, one sevadal came running with a message that Swami has instructed not to separate families. She was therefore allowed access along with her cousin and they were thereafter blessed by Swami.

Another experience related by Sister Samboo pertains to marriage. The latter was so engrossed in Swami’s life that she was not interested to get married. However, during an interview Swami made it clear that marriage was important and even presented her would be husband.

A third experience reported by sister Samboo was her career orientation. She wanted to be a doctor, however Swami guided her and informed that she should neither pursue in that field nor to take dance as a career but as a hobby but to remain in the airline industry.

Brother Virrsing Ramdenee

He stated that although he had a pious family, yet it was the experience related by a Phylis Krystal in his book “The ultimate experience with Swami” that triggered his devotion towards Baba. He explained how after stepping down as the president of the Jardin de la Compagnie Devotional Group, he started a journey to improve the life of some 350-400 childrenof a primary school in a deprived suburb of Port Louis. Almost all the children come from very poor or broken families. They started by providing uniforms to all students, thereafter meal was provided. All the pupils were requested to bring a plate and a mug. However, many of them could not even afford to bring same. During Christmas, gifts were also distributed to all the children on roll at the school. After some time, there was a complete transformation, the behaviour of the children themselves improve considerably. Unbelievably, three children passed the Certificate of Primary Examination with flying colours and ranked the best students to be allocated a state secondary school.

Sister Prabha Devi Poonam Moothia

Sister Moothia explained that she had the opportunity of serving Swami’s Organistion at different positions and was fervent about Swami’s love and grace. She stated that her sister had some difficulties to conceive. She was requested by her sister to seek Swami’s help and promised to send her to the abode of Baba, should she become pregnant. 

On the following Thursday, Sister Moothia went to Baba’s Mandir and spoke to Baba regarding the difficulties being encountered by her sister. In the same month, her sister made a request to meet in the Mandir. She was amazed as her sister handed over to her a letter and an envelope containing the required money for a trip to Prasanthi. This was indeed the leela of Swami.

Musical performance: Premandam (Bliss of Divine Love)

The first day programme ended with a superb musical performance presented by Sai Youths entitled Premandam (Bliss of Divine Love). 

The program ended with Mangala Aarti.



From : Friday, September 11, 2015 - 08:00
To : Friday, September 11, 2015 - 20:00

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Venue : Free Port, Mer Rouge
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