Re-opening of Sai Centre Beau Vallon by Prof. Vedanarayanan


Grand re-opening of renovated Sathya Sai Centre Beau Vallon by Prof. Vedanarayanan

On October 31st 2018, the Sathya Sai Centre of Beau Vallon witnessed its re -opening, after a renovation of its infrastructure, carried out during the past six consecutive weeks. The grand re-opening of the alongside with a ribbon- cutting ceremony was fervently organised by its members as well as the Grand Port regional coordinating committee as it was to take place in the distinguished presence of an eminent chief guest
At around 5 pm, Professor Sri Vednarayanan Kollengode, accompanied by National Council president, Brother Rajendranath Sham, were welcomed with due respect and according tradition with a shawl each. Meanwhile, Balvikas children and their Gurus supported by National Devotion coordinator, Brother Vikesh Oboyram, chanted Vedic hymns as to greet the chief guest and also to elevate the atmosphere blissfully.
Following the welcome rite, the commemorative plaque was unveiled by our chief guest whiles vdic verses were being recited. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place just after. Having done so, all guests got seated inside the newly renovated centre. The master of ceremony Sister Madvi Maghoo welcomed Prof. Sri Vednarayanan as well as the presentees and gave a brief account of this successful renovation project. The centre has been reconditioned as per the provisions of the new guidelines of the SSIO. Our guest was called to move near the altar of our Beloved Bhagawan so as to invoke Lord Ganesha with a soulful prayer as blessings for all.
The National council president gave a detailed introduction of our chief guest after which the latter commenced his talk blissfully with some stotras. He indeed delivered an inspiring speech interspersed with some childhood experiences with Swami alongside with his father. He heartily thanked Brother Ragoo, Regional President for his unflinching support and contribution with his team in making this project a dream come true.
Subsequently, the MC continued with vote of thanks and invited our chief guest and dignities to proceed with Mangala Aarti. Professor Sri Vedanarayan was then requested to do the honour of planting an Ashoka tree, as a go-green initiative, in the compound of the centre while bhajans were ongoing inside the hall.
At the end of the program, all invitees were called for refreshments. There were around 100 devotees present. The inauguration ceremony came to a close at around 6.15pm.